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        Momentive Unveils New Technology


        Momentive Unveils New Technology


        Momentive introduces new high performance siloxane hardcoats for demanding exterior applications; silicone UV technology can open doors for product innovation due to its ability to cure at low temperatures.


        Momentive Performance Materials has expanded its portfolio of high performance hardcoat systems with the introduction of the AS4700/SHP470 FT2050 weatherable silicone hardcoat and the PHC587C primerless thermal hardcoat. The AS4700 system is a state-of-the-art, ultraweatherable thermal hardcoat for black and tinted polycarbonate. It offers advanced weathering performance combined with high abrasion performance and superior chemical resistance. The system’s patented ultraviolet (UV) radiation absorber technology offers excellent photo stability, and its strongly networked siloxane resin provides high abrasion resistance. PHC587C is the latest generation of a primerless thermal hardcoat, offering improved performance and processing features, including a unique adhesion promoter technology incorporated into the siloxane resin matrix and Momentive-patented UV absorber technology. This can enable superior outdoor performance and primerless adhesion.


        In other news, Momentive has also developed a new silicone technology that uses ultraviolet (UV) light instead of heat to cure rubber and liquid silicone rubber (LSR). The new technology allows for shorter cure times at low temperatures while maintaining the physical properties of a typical silicone rubber. Marketed under the Silopren and Addisil trade names, the UV product portfolio ranges from extrusion and molding materials to coatings and gels.