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        Industry News

        Momentive Unveils New Technology

        Momentive introduces new high performance siloxane hardcoats for demanding exterior applications; silicone UV technology can open doors for product innovation due to its ability to cure at low temperatures. ...


        Lanxess Expands Iron Oxide Facility in China

        Lanxess Expands Iron Oxide Facility in China Lanxess started a new production unit for high-quality black iron oxide pigments at its site in Jinshan, Shanghai, China. The produced color shades include bluish-type black pigments. With the an...


        The World's Coatings Show Concluded Successfully In Shanghai

        THE WORLDS COATINGS SHOW CONCLUDED SUCCESSFULLY IN SHANGHAI! CHINACOAT2015 closed its gate on Nov 20 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), P. R. China. Again, it has broken some records in its exhibition scale, number of ex...